Roofing tile ALUTECH in the shape of a popular EVERTILE stands out with a minimum weight (only 2,4 kg/m2) and a high-quality textured polyester finish (EMBOSS also available on request). The advantage of ALUTECH is its maximum lifetime while retaining all the technical advantages and classical appearance of the EVERTILE system.

ALUTECH combines modern roofing requirements with a traditional look. Like all Evertile roof coverings, it provides sophisticated roof details and easy transport and installation. Unlike large-format sheet metal roofing, the roof tiles are adapted to fit the roof dimensions directly onto the roof. ALUTECH minimizes material cut-off on complicated roofs.

ALUTECH is available in four top-selling colors.

Snow slides down easily form ALUTECH tiles. Snow stoppers and other Evertile accessories can be used. The cover ALUTECH is fixed on battens and it is not possible to walk outside the walkway grids and footsteps. Alutech can be used on a roof pitch over 10°.

ALUTECH is made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 0.70mm with a surface finish of 35 μm. Warranty on the functionality of the roof cover is 50 years.

How many tiles ALUTECH and its' accessories do you need?

Calculate yourself how many tiles you need to cover your roof in our web calculator or contact our customer service.

Weight 2,4 kg/m2 Fire Resistance Resistance to extreme climate Windproof 50 years of warranty Fast and simple installation