Roof tiles with "glaze"

The significant aesthetic effect and cool elegance which emanates from the roofs covered with tiles everglaze, which runs through the precise quality of surface finish and overall durability of the material. Modern design and linkingof distinctive style with technical advantages will appeal to even the most demanding customers.

The new coating technology assures a long lifespan, perfect appearance and strong architectural effect. Tranquil appearance and pure workmanship of the details bring to the roof a touch of exclusivity.

50μ thicknesses of surface finish applied after forming tiles, it is, compared to other common steel roof tiles, an incomparable quality standard. Four colors and each with such a strong magic, that others are not necessary...

Sheet steel with Aluzinc corrosion protection, which is the basis for all types of the tiles, provides up to six fold lifespan in comparison with common galvanised steel roof coverings.

Everglaze are special roof tiles. Either you dare to have it or reject it... but you will not look it over!

How many tiles EVERGLAZE and its' accessories do you need?

Calculate yourself how many tiles you need to cover your roof in our web calculator or contact our customer service.

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Weight 4,5 kg/m2 Fire Resistance Resistance to extreme climate Windproof 30 years of warranty Fast and simple installation Load up to 1200 kg/m2

Roof tiles with "glaze"