Roof Tiles with stone granulate COLOR SAND

Roofing tile QUADRIC is new in the offer Evertile, since 2016. QUADRIC design is inspired by the shingle or slate style of roofing. Rectangular shapes evoke the look of stacked bituminous shingles, but are much more 3D, stronger, more durable and elegant.

Unlike bitumen and wood shingles, QUADRIC is non-combustible and reduces the risk of spreading fire to neighboring objects. QUADRIC is also safe in strong wind or earthquakes. When mounted with 4.5 x 35 mm stainless steel screws, it has been tested for use in hurricane areas.

Properly ventilated roofing also improves thermal insulation of the structure and reduces the cost of air conditioning or heating.

Installation is fast and simple and the panels are fixed with stainless steel screws or screws to horizontal battens. QUADRIC is installed and fixed in the same way as other Evertile coverings. The roof can withstand high wind load and snow cover. It can be used on slopes of 10 °. The complete system of accessories allows quick and accurate processing of detail and includes, for example, walkways, snow stoppers, solar panel holders, ventilators and ventilation chimneys, and the like.

How many tiles QUADRIC and its' accessories do you need?

Calculate yourself how many tiles you need to cover your roof in our web calculator or contact our customer service.

Weight 6,7 kg/m2 Fire Resistance Resistance to extreme climate Windproof 50 years of warranty Dampens the noise of rain

Roof Tiles with stone granulate CUBIC SAND